Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Laywer Before Filing

Those seeking advice for their personal injury claim should prepare and inform themselves on the viability of their lawsuit. Injured Connecticut residents in need of consultation are encouraged to contact the personal injury lawyers at Carter Mario. However, before contacting any qualified legal representative, it is important to know what questions one should ask their personal injury attorney. The following questions are designed to help one know what to expect as they progress through their case.

There are specific conditions that need to be met for a third-party to be held accountable for an injury. It is far easier to file a claim when the injury is the result of intentional misconduct. However, one can also file a claim if one’s injury is the direct result of negligence from a third party. What constitutes a third party can range from a personal friend to a doctor, to a product manufacturer. A lawyer will examine your claim and inform you of the specifics of liability and if your injury is applicable for a case.

If a claim is valid, one should expect reparations depending on the severity of their injury. The filer of a successful claim is entitled to compensation and reparations for any costs incurred from the injury. One can expect to be entitled to compensation for lost wages, therapy, pain and suffering, past and present medical bills, and any other expense resulting from their incident. In the case of severe maiming, one might expect to receive reparations for a number of years. Entitlements can extend to one’s family members if the injury adversely impacts their lifestyle.

Insurance companies will typically ask a victim that has been injured to make a documented statement with an insurance adjuster. However, one should never take any suggestions from an insurance company without a qualified attorney to review the process. Insurance adjusters are usually present to cover the damages for the entity that is liable for the personal injury case. This means that if a victim’s claim is valid, the insurance company representing the responsible third party will partly pay for the damages.

With that established, know that insurance adjusters will typically try to diminish the value of a victim’s claims. Adjusters will usually seek a recorded statement, specifically before the full extent of a victim’s injuries are apparent.

The three questions above represent a fraction of the things you will need to consider before filing a personal injury claim. Other questions to ask include questions about fees and court costs, ask if your attorney has a successful history with cases like yours, and what resources are available to your attorney’s office. Contact the legal team at Carter Mario for a free initial consultation if you suspect you have a viable lawsuit.