Settling a Slip and Fall Claim

Settling a slip and fall claim is one of the most common outcomes with these types of cases. The amount of the settlement does depend upon a lot, but having an experienced personal injury legal team at your disposal could be what ensures that you get the most out of your case.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when settling a slip and fall case.

This is as simple as keeping a journal starting with the accident and documenting any side effects of the slip and fall injury that you have. Also, if you can’t perform ordinary functions that you usually perform, make note of this as well. By keeping this kind of personal account, you can help strengthen your case in the event you do end up having to take it to court.

Not to mention, when the defense knows that you have this kind of evidence, they may be more willing to settle before it gets taken to court.

This can be obtained from your healthcare provider. A medical professional will be able to connect the injuries and the after-effects to the accident that caused them.

Just bring up the fact that you’re pursuing a case for your slip and fall injury. Let them know that a letter showing the attributes of the injury in connection to an accident would be appreciated. This is usually something that they are willing to do.

Don’t stretch the story in hopes that you’re going to get more. Simply tell it like it is. If you go overboard, you could be putting your case at risk. After all, don’t you want your case to work with you instead of against you?

If you don’t have documentation for associated expenses, you probably won’t be entitled to reimbursement. Keep any receipts of your expenses that are tied to the injury so that you can present them when the time comes.

Finding the best attorneys is critical, as they’re more capable of producing the best settlements than the rookies of the legal industry. We here at Carter Mario are always available to talk to you about your potential case. Your focus should be on recovering from the injury. Our legal team is here to help fight to get what you need after a slip and fall injury.