Who Is Responsible for an Accident Resulting in a Slip & Fall Injury?

One of the most common injury types that occurs on a daily basis is a slip and fall injury. Typically people are injured in a slip and fall accident at a variety of places such as restaurants, their job, at home, or shopping. When people have this type of accident, a lot of questions can be raised regarding the accident. Some of the most common questions include:

1. Why did the accident happen?

2. Who is liable for the accident?

3. Could the accident have been prevented?

4. Were there any physical injuries due to the accident?

5. Will medical attention be needed concerning the accident?

6. Can the responsible party be sued for the accident?

7. What should be done immediately after the accident?

A trip and fall accident can happen anywhere and at anytime. For people who have a trip and fall accident, the initial thoughts can range from embarrassment to anger. However, people who have a trip and fall accident should try to remember to control their emotions. In many instances, people who trip and fall should always take time to evaluate the situation.

They should make sure that they do not have any obvious injuries. If there are no injuries, people should find the owner of the property and inform the property owner or a representative of the owner about the accident. However, if there are injuries, people should ask for assistance concerning the treatment of the injuries then contact the property owner.

At the time of a slip and fall accident, many questions cannot be answered because the people who know the answers may not be present. Therefore, people involved in a slip and fall accident should try to take pictures of the area where the accident occurred, get the names and phone numbers of any people who saw the accident, and write down what happened concerning the accident.

Moreover, with this type of accident, personal injury can be a result of the accident. In case of a personal injury, people should seek assistance from an attorney who is able to provide legal assistance concerning the accident such as determining who is liable, can the liable party be sued for the accident, what amount can the liable party be sued for regarding the accident, questions about medical bill payments, questions about insurance companies, and a variety of other legal issues regarding the accident.

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