Stay Safe This St. Patrick’s Day

If you plan to enjoy the upcoming holiday with friends or family, St. Patrick’s Day safety may be on your mind. Celebrating safely with a few pints of beer or some Irish whiskey is easy enough if you celebrate with these tips from Life360 in mind:

If you do plan to celebrate with some drinks, then you’ll want to stay hydrated and eat a little. Having food in your stomach slows the absorption of alcohol. Drinking on an empty stomach enhances the effect of alcohol. Drinking can dehydrate you, making the next morning much less pleasant than it needs to be.

Know how you will get home before the party starts. If mass transit is a viable option, decide what subway or bus line you will take before the party starts. Pick a designated driver. Put the number for a cab company on your smartphone.

Whether you choose to drink or not, be a little more careful on the road. Quite a few people are likely to be driving who should have called a cab. If you have been drinking and think you are sober enough to drive home, there are two reasons not to risk it:

(1) You could well be wrong about being able to drive.

(2) There will be extra police checkpoints and your odds of being caught go way up on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Carter Mario firm has plenty of experience dealing with cases where someone misjudged their ability to drink and drive.

Even if you are walking instead of driving, it makes sense to keep an eye on people who are driving. They may not be looking out for cyclists and pedestrians. The partying drivers may be unable to see and avoid trouble, so you need to be proactive.

If your plans for St. Patrick’s Day include family activities, Family Watchdog offers some tips to make the day safer. Their advice boils down to this: Make sure your kids know what to do, where to go, and whom they can talk to safely if they should get lost. Stay on the lookout for trouble as well. If your children are old enough to have phones, events like St. Patrick’s Day parades and street festivals are a good reason to give them phones. This is an easy and obvious way to get the family back together if someone becomes separated.

The attorneys and staff at Carter Mario hope you and your family have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day.