3 Things You Can Do To Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Every day, Americans travel on roads in various ways. While some may choose to travel by public transportation, such as buses and trains, others choose to travel by personal vehicles such as passenger cars and motorcycles. As a result, it is important that all motorists respect the laws of the land in order to provide safe driving conditions for all. When motorists fail to practice safe driving habits, accidents can occur. Of course, persons riding much smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles, face a much higher risk of serious injury when sharing the roads with much larger vehicles.

For this reason, it is crucial that motorcyclists practice safe riding habits in order to prevent serious collisions with larger vehicles. Because our legal team at Carter Mario Law Firm is passionate about protecting motorcyclists, our Connecticut personal injury lawyers have provided 3 tips to help you avoid a motorcycle collision:

1. Do Not Travel in Another Driver’s Blind Spot

It is important to remember that larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, have various blind spots. In these areas, a motorist is unable to see another driver or motorcyclist by looking through rear-view mirrors. As a result, individuals in a vehicle’s blind spot run the risk of becoming seriously injured if the motorist of the vehicle decides to change lanes or turn.

2. Do Not Assume Other Drivers See You

When sharing the road with larger vehicles, it is important that riders do not assume other drivers see them. To remain safe, motorcyclists should attempt to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they are soon before proceeding with riding maneuvers. If it is not possible to make eye contact with another driver before turning or making any other kind of move, motorcyclists should wait to see that the motorist has reached a complete stop.

3. Never Split Lanes Even if Traffic is Slow or Stopped

Although it is legal in some states, motorcycle riders should refrain from splitting lanes. A rider splits lanes when they drive between two lanes in order to pass vehicles on either side. While this allows motorcyclists to move past slower traffic, motorcyclists should refrain from doing so because it greatly increases their risks of being involved in serious accidents. In some cases, drivers of other vehicles may not be on the lookout for smaller vehicles, causing them to collide with riders who may be splitting lanes.

Involved in an Accident? We Aggressively Represent Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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