Johnson & Johnson to Pay $417 Million in Talcum Powder Case

Johnson & Johnson lost a $417 million lawsuit against a 63-year-old California woman who developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s baby powder for decades. Her settlement included $70 million in compensatory damages, as well as $347 million in punitive damages. Eva Echeverria is amongst several other women who have similar tragic stories due to their use of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder.

Echeverria claims to have used the product as part of her feminine hygiene routine since she was 11 years old, but stopped once she heard of a woman who got ovarian cancer as a result. Without a warning label, she didn’t realize the product could be dangerous to her in any way. The cause of Echeverria’s ovarian cancer, as well as that of other women, is talcum powder, commonly known as a cosmetic ingredient. It is not monitored by the USFDA as it is not legally classified as a drug.

Other companies do place a warning label on various products with talc powder, stating that there is a possible risk of ovarian cancer if consumers use it frequently in the female genital area. Johnson & Johnson is currently facing a number of other trials across the nation for its baby powder product’s ties to ovarian cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, the US National Toxicology Program has yet to fully review talc as a carcinogen.

Johnson & Johnson plans to appeal the case.

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