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7 Top Mistakes Made During Personal Injury Claims

An accident can be overwhelming for more reasons than one, which is why it can be so easy to make a mistake that may jeopardize your chances of recovering compensation down the line. If you’re dealing with a personal injury claim, read up on the common mistakes made during a personal injury claim, and how you might be able to avoid them:

  1. Representing yourself: Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, and you tell the complete truth, recounting this in front of a jury isn’t enough to win a case. If you’re going up against an insurance company, you better believe that they’re being backed by a team of vicious attorneys who want to give you the least amount of money possible. An attorney, with experience in personal injury, can ensure you fill out the correct paperwork and aggressively represent you in court so that you are fairly compensated.
  2. Waiting to get medical treatment: If you believe you’re injured after an accident, the first thing you need to do is get medical attention. Not only can this prevent further harm, it also helps create the paperwork and foundation needed for a strong personal injury lawsuit. The longer you wait, the more the jury may doubt the extent or cause of your injuries.
  3. Not notifying the police/your employer: Your success in a potential injury claim hinges on your communication with the police or your employer. Law enforcement officers act as objective third parties, and their reports can protect your ability to prove your side of the story. If you’re injured at work, the same can be said about a written report with your employer.
  4. Giving a recorded statement to an insurance company: Insurance companies are rarely looking out for the victims of negligence, as much as they’re looking out for their own interests. If you give an insurance adjuster a recorded statement early on, without the help of an attorney, they may use it against you.
  5. Settling early: Insurance companies also tend to want to settle early if they know they could potentially lose more money. If an adjuster is pressuring you to settle—don’t. It’s probably a lowball offer, and you should discuss your options with an attorney first.
  6. Failing to keep a record of evidence: Evidence may make or break your case. Take pictures of the accident, collect medical records, gather witness names, and keep a record of all evidence to help back up your claims.
  7. Posting on social media: If you end up in a personal injury lawsuit, any posts you make on social media may be requested by the opposing attorneys. Any comments or statements about the case can be used against you, as well as photos or videos that may look like you’re lying about the severity of your injury.

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