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How To Manage Stress

Any life event, even one that is happy, can be coupled with stress. As April is Stress Awareness Month, keep reading to learn some simple stress management tips:

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  1. Identify the root of your stress: If you know what will provoke stress in your life, it becomes easier to avoid the stressor or be more prepared to tackle it.
  2. Get enough sleep: Become aware of how many hours of sleep your mind and body perform best with and make every effort to get that amount every night. Things tend to seem worse when you’re tired, and this is doubly so with things that are already stressful. When you get enough sleep, you are more mentally alert and can cope better with stress.
  3. Cut down on caffeine: Excess caffeine consumption can interfere with sleep and cause increased heart rate and headaches, which can compromise your ability to cope with stress. Try switching to tea or other caffeine-free beverages in the afternoon so that you’re not up all night!
  4. Tackle your most dreaded task first: If it’s possible, get the worst part of your day over with. The rest of your day can be positive if you know that the task you were dreading is out of the way!
  5. Get in some light exercise: 30 minutes of exercise per day is all you need to experience its benefits. Try doing simple yoga poses or taking a walk outside. The controlled breathing of yoga and fresh air from a walk will temporarily clear your head of any stress.

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