Attorney Michael Fenton

Carter Mario Law Firm, a leading personal injury law firm in Connecticut, has secured a $275,153 jury verdict award for a client injured in a car accident. Plaintiff Randy Banks was forced to a stop due to road construction when the defendant, Lauren Paterson, slammed into the rear end of his vehicle. While liability seemed clear, the real fight for the case was proving that Banks suffered a severe knee injury due to the crash and that it was not a preexisting condition.

The defendant’s legal counsel tried to claim that a prior doctor’s appointment for left knee soreness showed Banks already had the injury. Attorney Michael Fenton, who was put in charge of the case managed by Carter Mario Law Firm, turned to medical records and clinical evidence to counter their argument. He proposed the preexisting soreness was dramatically escalated to debilitating pain and a meniscal tear due to the crash that the defendant caused.

Matters were complicated when it was found that no MRI of Banks’ knee was taken during the first doctor’s appointment a little more than two weeks before the accident. An expert witness, Dr. Steven Selden, even tried to refute the plaintiff’s claims, stating that the meniscal tear could not have been caused by the crash. It is a true testament to Attorney Fenton’s litigation abilities and knowledge by securing a case victory despite the efforts of an opposing expert witness.

It would ultimately take the jury eight hours and two court dates to reach their decision in favor of Banks. The defense-first wanted to give Banks just $90,000. Given the medical expenses incurred by Banks and the need for punitive damages, the final total awarded by the jury was much higher, ranking in at $275,153.

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