Let’s begin with this: what is CarterCares, exactly? Our CarterCares program began because of Carter’s unceasing desire to serve our community. Now, CarterCares is a statewide community outreach initiative that allows us to serve not just our clients, but the communities in which they live as well.

Back in 2015, Attorney Luretha Tolson single-handedly established a running club within the firm that consists of Carter Mario employees who are committed to both community involvement and running. When the CarterCares program was first implemented, many employees chose to walk at 5ks and other road races to demonstrate their commitment to the community, but Luretha paved the way for runners in the company to do the same. Luretha explains that the reason she is so passionate about our CarterCares program is because it allows her to run while also helping to “raise awareness for causes that aren’t typically talked about or that road races don’t normally support.” For example, she inspired other Carter Mario employees to participate in the Christopher Martin’s Christmas Run for Children in New Haven, which provides toys for children in low-income families, and the Summer Blaze 5K in Meriden, which benefits kidney disease research.

Running track

But by far the most unique cause, and the road race that has been closest to Luretha’s heart, was the first annual 5k held by the Dominate the Day Foundation on June 3rd. The Dominate the Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization that funds tutoring and sports camps in the community. The foundation exists to continue the legacy of Jordan Sebastian, an outstanding athlete and dedicated humanitarian who passed away at the age of twenty-four. Even when faced with cancer, Jordan never faltered in the face of life’s challenges, and he worked diligently every day to become the best version of himself, which is something that the foundation prides itself on. Dominate the Day has become not just a successful nonprofit organization, but a community movement. Supporters of the foundation and admirers of Jordan’s positive attitude recognize each other in public while wearing Dominate the Day gear and make invaluable connections with each other, which inevitably furthers Jordan’s legacy and embodies the foundation’s vision: “to help kids become the absolute best version of themselves.” Through our CarterCares program, Carter Mario employees are honored to have the opportunity to support nonprofit organizations such as Dominate the Day. Through CarterCares, we can aid both our clients and their communities!