Man on a big Motorcycle

Motorcycle Safety – Courtesy Is Cool

When riding a motorcycle, there are several things riders should do to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.

  1. Always wear a helmet that is equipped with a face shield or protective eyewear.
  2. Always wear protective clothing: Leather clothing and/or reflective clothing is best to protect yourself and to ensure that other riders, pedestrians, and drivers can see you.
  3. Be sure to practice defensive driving at all times: Do not expect other drivers to yield to you or see you. Motorcyclists are often in the blind spot of the drivers of other vehicles while on the road. Expect this and ride accordingly.
  4. Keep up with your education: Be sure that your license is up to date. Refine your riding skills with additional classes if they are available.
  5. When preparing to ride, remember to check –
    • The tires
    • The area under the bike for signs of oil or gas leaks
    • The lights and signal functions
    • The hydraulic and coolant fluid levels
  6. Once on the bike, riders should check –
    • The clutch and the throttle
    • The mirrors
    • The brakes
    • The horn

Always remember that defensive driving is the key – courtesy is cool.