3 Ways You Can Help Prevent School Bus Accidents

Bumper bumper traffic with one bus

We rely on school buses to get our children to and from school safely, no matter the weather or traffic conditions. Whether you have children attending school in Connecticut or you’re a commuter sharing the road with school buses, everyone can do their part to help prevent crashes in our state’s neighborhoods.

At Carter Mario Law Firm, we help motor vehicle accident victims every day, and we know the devastation those accidents can cause. Unfortunately, accidents involving school buses in Connecticut are all too common. That’s why our attorneys have put together three easy tips you can follow to help prevent school bus accidents in your community.

Creating Safer Communities Throughout Connecticut

Creating safer communities throughout Connecticut is part of our mission at Carter Mario Law Firm, and we encourage you to share our prevention tips with your friends and family to help reduce the number of school bus accidents in our neighborhoods. However, we know that some motor vehicle accidents cannot be prevented, and we’re here to help if you or a loved one needs help after a crash. Call (203) 806-9256 or contact us online to get help from our 24/7 legal team anytime. We want to help.