Negligent Security: Injury Victims Have Rights

When you’re on a property that’s owned by someone else, you have the right to feel safe and to be safe. Many victims don’t realize that safety on other people’s property goes beyond preventative measures to reduce the risks of traditional “slip and fall” accidents—it also covers protection from criminal acts and violence.

Adequate security is essential for everything from apartment buildings and hotels to retail establishments and restaurants. If you were hurt while on someone else’s property due to insufficient security, you may be able to file a claim for compensation.

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What Security Should Property Owners Provide to Guests and Tenants?

If you’ve ever felt unsafe in a public or private space before, there’s a chance it was due to poor or inadequate security measures.

Property owners are responsible for providing the following types of security to help prevent incidents from occurring on their premises:

  • Sufficient lighting—Adequate lighting not only helps prevent slip and fall accidents, but it also reduces the likelihood of other security-related incidents.
  • Security personnel and cameras—Bars, nightclubs, college campuses, and sports venues are just a few of the places where cameras should record around the clock, and security staff should be employed to protect visitors from danger.
  • Locks and gates—Living quarters of both apartments and hotels should be off-limits to anyone except residents or guests. People who own or manage those types of properties should make sure private areas are protected by locked doors, gates, or other types of barriers.
  • Fast response to alerts—Property owners can’t always foresee every potential incident, but they should do everything in their power to respond immediately and adequately to security breaches that affect guests or tenants.

Injuries suffered while on another person’s or party’s property can be painful and financially devastating. If you’re a victim, you may be facing expensive medical bills that you can’t afford, and your injuries could prevent you from working for months or even years.

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