Not Sure if You Should Hire a Lawyer?

See what people who hired an attorney have to say.

For more than three decades, Carter Mario Law Firm has done everything possible to go above and beyond for our clients. But our years of experience have taught us an important lesson: For many of our clients, the hardest decision they have to make after an injury is whether or not to contact an attorney at all.

As a law firm that handles Connecticut injury claims every day, we could provide you with a list of ways that an attorney can help you maximize your results after an accident. Instead, we thought we’d show you a statistic that shows what injury victims who hired a lawyer have to say.

Our Success Relies on Getting Results for You

At Carter Mario, we want to make your decision to contact an injury attorney as easy as possible. From our Zero Fee Warranty — which means you pay us nothing unless we get results for you—to our 24/7 legal team ready to take your call, we’re here to make you feel confident you’ve made the right decision. Call (203) 806-9256 today to learn how we can assist you or your loved one.

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