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When Life Insurance Companies Commit Fraud

Cases of life insurance fraud regularly make the news or even the local police blotter, but they often involve individual policyholders trying to make an extra buck off of plans they purchased for themselves or for others.

But life insurance companies can also commit fraud against policyholders, leaving innocent and bereaved people reeling when they find out their deceased loved ones’ valid policies and claims were denied.

At Carter Mario Law Firm, our Connecticut insurance fraud attorneys know the tricks that insurance companies use to avoid paying customers and their loved ones the money they deserve, and it’s our goal to fight for the rights of fraud victims.

2 Common Types of Fraud Committed by Life Insurance Companies

There are two main types of fraud that life insurance companies engage in that harm policyholders and their families:

  1. Selling “bogus” cut-rate policies—Everyone wants to get a deal, and some unscrupulous or even fake life insurance companies take advantage of that by advertising policies that cost significantly less than similar policies offered by other insurers. However, the policies are either non-existent or contain enough stipulations to allow the insurers to deny virtually all claims.
  2. Selling non-insurance products as insurance plans—There are countless insurance plans on the market, and it can be difficult for the average consumer to make sense of them all. Insurers may use that fact to their advantage by selling non-insurance “products” and passing them off as actual insurance plans. When policyholders or their loved ones attempt to file claims, they’re denied due to not having valid insurance.

Don’t Let the Insurance Company Win

Insurers count on people to give up after they’ve been taken advantage of and seen their policies and claims invalidated or denied. Don’t let the insurance company take what’s rightfully yours. Call us today at (203) 806-9256 for a free consultation.