Kids Riding a School Bus

New Safe Fleet Technology Hopes to Make School Buses Safer

As parents, there is a lot that we worry about. From sports injuries to playground accidents, there is much that occupies our mind. However, one safety risk that is often overlooked is the process of our children getting on and off the school bus.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, accidents involving buses are almost three times as deadly than those involving other vehicles. Unfortunately, far too often, inattentive drivers blow right by school buses that have their safety arm out, signaling them to stop as children are getting on or off the bus.  Luckily, there may now be a proactive solution.

Approaching Vehicles

The Safe Fleet Company is now testing its fully automated device which is helping to detect dangerous situations ahead of time. Leveraging artificial intelligence with radar technology, the predictive analytics built into the software can easily determine whether or not an approaching vehicle will stop in time and notify students and bus drivers.

Warning Not to Cross

The Predictive Stop Arm (PSA for short) is a proprietary device that can determine the speed and distance of another vehicle. If the software finds that the vehicle will not stop in time, the technology will release both an audible and visual warning to alert both the bus driver and the children outside of the bus that they should not cross the street.

Safe Fleet’s Right-Hand Danger Zone protection system can track the movements of children within a certain perimeter, and display visual warnings to the bus driver when there is a present risk.

Currently, the PSA is being tested in five different locations across the country. According to Hopkins Public Schools Director of Transportation, Derrick Agate, “It prevents the child from ever stepping out into the roadway, when the system predicts the motorist will not stop.”

Safe Fleet Hopes to Prevent Injuries and Save Lives

Safe Fleet is selling its PSA devices for somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000 per installation. The company is working hard to prevent injuries and save lives by increasing driver performance, improving outside safety, and optimizing fleet operations management.

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