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Be Aware of These Tricks Insurance Companies May Use to Deny Your Claim

When we purchase car insurance, we generally believe that it will protect us in the event of an accident and that our insurance carriers will have our backs. However, it is important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of your insurance company is to make money, not necessarily to make sure you are compensated fairly. When dealing with an insurance company, be aware of the following tricks insurance companies may use to deny your claim:

  1. They Pretend To Be In Your Corner

When we find ourselves in a stressful situation, it can often feel like a gift to be speaking with an adjuster that is empathetic and compassionate, acting as though they want the best outcome for us. While this may be true for some adjusters, a majority do not have your best interests in mind. Remember, they work for the insurance company – not for you. As such, they wish to save their employer money. Paying you a lot of money, or any money at all for that matter is not conducive to this goal.

  1. They Use Your Own Words Against You

When speaking with your adjuster, you may think that you are obligated to tell them exactly what happened and they may ask permission to record your statement. You do not need to share what happened without an attorney present and you do not need to provide your permission for them to record you. Since your insurance company is out to minimize your payment, it will often use anything that you say against you. In other words, you may be coerced into admitting guilt or something else that can be framed as such.

  1. They Try To Convince You That You Do Not Need An Attorney

Your adjuster may try to convince you that hiring an attorney is a bad idea, as you would have to share your settlement with him or her. However, those who hire an experienced personal injury attorney are generally better off since these lawyers are skilled negotiators. Always remember that adjusters are working to minimize your settlement.

  1. They Ask You To Send In All Of Your Medical Records

It may seem fairly reasonable that your insurance company would need a copy of your medical records. However, the real reason that they request them is to try to find a pre-existing condition that they can rely on to deny or minimize much of your financial recovery.

  1. They Ask You To Sign In Exchange For Money

It may also seem reasonable that you are asked to sign a release before they will pay you. However, once you sign that release you are no longer eligible to receive payment from them for any new medical expenses. Since some injuries take a while to identify, you may end up shorting yourself out of money.

  1. They Keep Stalling

One of the most frustrating tricks that insurance companies employ is to stall. They may tell you that your paperwork is still processing, that your call will be returned, or that they are waiting on just about anything before they can move forward. They may seem convincing but all they really want is for you to give up the pursuit of your claim.

  1. They Act Like They Have A Medical Degree

Since insurance companies are trying to minimize your recovery, they may tell you that some of the medical treatments that you received were not necessary and therefore they will not approve of them. It is important to always remember that it is the job of your doctor to make these calls, not the insurance company.

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