As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses across Connecticut, many have been forced to close, while others, such as restaurants, have had to adjust their practices in order to stay afloat. This has included a massive shift to takeout only orders rather than dine-in eating, and enlisting the help of some employees to use their personal vehicles to make deliveries.

It has remained a rule that personal auto insurance policies do not cover liability and property damage when someone uses a personal vehicle for commercial purposes. However, since deliveries have become extremely crucial during this time while people practice social distancing, this rule does not currently best serve the interest of the public or restaurants whose employees may be discouraged from getting behind the wheel to make deliveries.

Calling for an Extension of Coverage

For this reason, Connecticut Insurance Department Commissioner, Andrew N. Mais, has called on auto insurers to extend their liability coverage for these personal delivery drivers to include the use of their own vehicles for certain commercial purposes. This would aim to protect those individuals who continue to serve others by delivering food and medicine during the pandemic.

Broader auto and motorcycle liability coverage would include the modification of current terms, conditions, and exclusions that work to leave these delivery drivers without adequate protection. In doing so, it would not impact those drivers who already have coverage for their deliveries, it would just serve to protect more drivers.

The Department has also agreed to expedite its approval of this expansion, maintaining it until the end of the Governor’s Emergency Declaration. In a Connecticut Insurance Department press release, Mais explained that the department believes that taking such actions “would be in the interest of the public…”

Carter Mario Can Help

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