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What You Need to Know About CT’s Move Over Law When Driving This Holiday Season

One of the most dangerous situations that a law enforcement officer may find him or herself in is on the side of the road. In fact, since 1997, it has been reported that more than 150 law enforcement officers have been killed after being struck by vehicles along America’s highways.

Police officers find themselves in an extremely vulnerable position when they are providing assistance or pulling a car over on the side of the road. This situation leaves them open to injury or death caused by approaching traffic that is moving at very high rates of speed.

Caution Towards Emergency Vehicles

In an effort to protect officers in the field, the first Move Over law originated in South Carolina in 1996 after a paramedic was struck and injured at an accident scene. After an increasing number of similar accidents and fatalities of individuals in the line of duty, all 50 states passed their own variations of Move Over laws.

Connecticut’s Move Over law requires that drivers who are approaching one or more emergency vehicles, including tow trucks, that are stationary or traveling significantly below the speed limit, must reduce their speed to a reasonable level below the posted limit and, when able to do so safely, should move out of the lane that is closest to that emergency vehicle. This provides a buffer space that helps to prevent potential accidents.

Additionally, drivers who are approaching one or more non-emergency vehicles that are stationary (disabled) are also required, when safe and reasonable to do so, to move out of the lane closest to those vehicles.

Remaining alert at all times when driving can help you to spot these vehicles prior to approaching them, allowing enough time for you to move over without any issues. This is just another reason as to why distracted driving is not only a safety hazard but is also illegal – this holiday season and beyond.

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