ATV Running on Snow

Ride Free, Ride Safe: ATV Safety Tips for All Ages

Enjoying time in the outdoors on an ATV should present a safe, fun experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, serious injuries sustained in accidents involving these vehicles are common. Sadder still, many of these injuries can easily prove fatal.

About ATV Safety

Serious accidents involving an ATV can occur for many reasons, several of which can be avoided with proper safety precautions. Risk factors leading to accidents and injury can include:

  • Rider Inexperience
  • Rider Negligence
  • Excessive Speed
  • Drug/Alcohol Impairment
  • Faulty Vehicle Systems
  • Defective Safety Gear
  • Impaired Visibility
  • Improper Trail Conditions

Know the Risks

Even though helmets and other safety gear can lower the odds of an injury, the exposed position of an ATV rider puts them at great risk of traumatic brain or spinal-cord injuries, severe lacerations, broken bones, and more.

Learn More

The ATV Safety Institute is a division of the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America. This private organization’s primary goal is to promote safety standards—and advocate for the responsible use of all-terrain vehicles. Through their rider-education and safety-awareness programs, they seek to reduce those accidents and injuries that result from improper ATV operation. They offer courses for riders of all ages—as well as other useful resources.

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