Snowplow clearing Snow-filled road

3 Tips for Sharing the Road With Snow Plows

Winter is officially here, and that means Connecticut’s roads are always at risk of being covered under snow and ice. Thankfully, the state is well prepared for snow on its major thoroughfares, highways, and interstates due to the usage of salt, brine, and, yes, massive snow plows.

But did you know that snow plows can pose serious threats to other drivers on the road? Like all big trucks, snow plows can cause serious injuries when they’re involved in crashes with passenger vehicles.

You can help protect yourself and your loved ones this winter by following these 3 safety tips:

  1. Don’t follow snowplows too closely—Snow plows are large and can block your view of the road ahead. If the snowplow driver suddenly presses his brake, you may be unable to stop in time.
  2. Don’t drive next to snow plows—Big trucks have “no zones” where drivers have big blind spots. Snowplows have similar blind spots, including in the lanes directly next to them, and flying snow can make visibility much worse.
  3. Don’t pass snowplows on the right—When snowplows clear roads, they can throw hard snow, ice, rocks, and other debris up into the air on their right sides. If you need to pass, do it on the snow plow’s left side.

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