What Is “Discovery” in a Car Accident Injury Case?

Whether you’re researching what happens during a personal injury claim, or you’re wondering what steps you can expect as we work through your case, you may be curious about the term “discovery” and what it means for an injury victim who files a claim.

Although both sides always seek to gain an advantage over one another in legal disputes, the legal system in the U.S. requires that information that both parties know about the case must be shared between both parties. That prevents surprises from occurring at trial and also gives both parties ample time and information to prepare their cases and legal strategies.

3 Steps Involved in Discovery During a Car Crash Lawsuit

If you decide to file a compensation claim after your auto accident, the discovery phase will involve you and your lawyer completing the following three steps:

  1. Answering written questions posed by the other driver and his or her attorney—The questions you may receive will likely be about the auto accident and other related topics. We’ll be there to help you complete these answers.
  2. Providing documents related to the claim—The other driver and his legal team will ask for relevant paperwork, such as medical records, employment records proving you haven’t been able to work, and evidence related to the crash.
  3. Speaking with the other driver’s attorney—Known as a deposition, the other driver’s attorney will interview you and ask you questions about the crash. As with the written questions, we’ll be at your side ensuring that the questions are fair.

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