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CT Bill Signed Into Law Expands Workers’ Comp Coverage for First Responders

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont recently signed into law a bill that expands workers’ compensation benefits for first responders who suffer from emotional and mental impairments that result from being on duty. A link to the bill can be found here.

About The Bill

The bill, known as Senate Bill 164, makes first responders such as firefighters, police officers, and parole officers that have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits. Coverage is available for these first responders who have experienced one of the following 6 “qualifying events”:

  • Witnessing the death of a person;
  • Witnessing an injury that causes the death of a person shortly thereafter;
  • Treating an injured person who dies shortly thereafter;
  • Carrying an injured person who dies shortly thereafter;
  • Viewing a deceased minor; and
  • Witnessing an incident that causes a person to lose a body part, to suffer a loss of function, or that results in permanent disfigurement.

Prior to this, in most cases, these first responders could only be eligible for benefits if a mental or emotional injury was caused by a physical injury or occupational disease.

Controversy Surrounding New Law

While this law benefits police officers, firefighters, and parole officers, it does not include coverage for other first responders including paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

This exclusion has caused disappointment and frustration among ambulance personnel who experience all if not some of the “qualifying events” on a daily basis.

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