Children on Playground

Keeping Kids Safe on the Playground

June is National Safety Month—an observance first established by the National Safety Council (NSC). National Safety Month helps organizations across the nation shed light on many of the leading causes of death or serious injury.

In recognition of National Safety Month, Carter Mario Law Firm offers readers advice, resources, and statistics on playground safety.

Unfortunate Statistics

The NSC tells us more than 200,000 children in the United States aged 14 or younger are taken to hospital emergency departments each year with injuries connected to playground equipment.

Over 20,000 of those children are treated for a concussion or other Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Statistics show that nearly 80% of all playground-related injuries are caused by falls and that 45% of playground injuries are linked to inadequate supervision.

Teach Kids Playground Safety

While the supervision of a competent, adult caregiver is certainly the most important aspect of child safety, Safe Kids Worldwide offers a list of other helpful tips adults can use in order to help keep kids from suffering common playground injuries. Among them are:

  • Helping children understand the basic rules of playground etiquette
  • Helping children grasp the danger of pushing, shoving, and crowding
  • Making sure children always wear enclosed shoes on the playground
  • Avoiding dressing children in drawstring hoodies or other loose clothing

Be Aware of Potential Hazards

The NSC has published a list of potential hazards that could injure children on the playground. In order to help children avoid injury, caregivers should keep children out of those playground areas that feature concrete, gravel, asphalt, grass, or dirt—or any other non-impact-absorbing surfaces. Instead, look for softer, more-forgiving surfaces—including pea gravel, wood chips, sand, mulch, and shredded rubber.

We Can Help

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