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Second Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Connecticut Flight School

The sister of an aviation student who lost his life in a plane crash in 2017 has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the flight school and the instructor. An article on this emerging story is available here.

The Claim

Appearing in New Haven Superior Court, the sister of a student pilot has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the flight school and the instructor. Her brother was killed in the 2017 crash of a Piper PA38 in East Haven. She claims the instructor failed to prevent the accident—and the flight school failed to properly maintain the aircraft.

The Findings

Authorities with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) concluded the instructor—who survived the crash—had made mistakes. They also indicated a fuel selector valve on the aircraft had failed. This action marks the second wrongful death lawsuit against the academy within a five-month span. The school—the now-defunct American Flight Academy of Connecticut—is also being sued regarding its role in a 2016 East Hartford crash in which another student was killed.

About Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death claims rely on correctly identifying and successfully establishing four distinct elements. These include:

  • The event leading to death was caused entirely or partially by another person
  • The death was the result of negligent or careless actions on the part of another
  • Family of the deceased—including beneficiaries or dependents—suffered losses
  • The untimely death of your loved one has caused significant financial damages

Before you can pursue a legal claim for a wrongful death case, your family must appoint a responsible person to act on behalf of your loved one’s estate. This personal representative—who will make important financial and legal decisions—is known as the executor of an estate. If your loved one had no will at the time of passing, this representative is known as an administrator.

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