Spreading Joy in Haiti

When Litigation Case Manager Crystal Revelle first decided to make the trip to Haiti 5 years ago, it wasn’t about having fun in the sun. The purpose of her trip was to give back to those less fortunate and to brighten their days.

This year marked Crystal’s 5th trip to Haiti and it was just as special and meaningful an experience as the last four trips.

Each year, Crystal visits Haiti around Christmas time and travels to different villages around the Les Cayes, Haiti area. Specifically, the villages where there are orphanages run by the organization she travels with called BEM.

The group brings around 3,000 toys with them and each day they hire a group of women to go to the village and cook a meal consisting of rice, beans, chicken, and usually a beet salad. They arrive at each village around 11 a.m. and the first thing they do is give each child a plate of food and a drink.

“It’s amazing because the children always wait until everyone has their food and for the food to be blessed before they eat. We never know when the last time that they ate was, but they’re so patient. It’s really great to see that.”

After the children eat, Crystal and the group pass out the toys. Each child gets 1 toy and they are usually something small, like a matchbox car for boys or a small Barbie for girls.

“It’s even more amazing to see how happy the kids are to get this 1 small toy,” Crystal said. “Some of them jump around when they see what they get, some dance, and I’ve even seen some cry because they’re so happy we traveled 1,700 miles to go and see them and bring them these toys.”

Each trip is special and the experience is one that Crystal holds close to her heart.

Case Manager Crystal Revelle made her 5th trip to Haiti to give food and toys to those less fortunate.