Carter Mario Celebrates Cartercares Charity Contest Winner, Family Promise of Central Connecticut

Family Promise

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our 2020 CarterCares charity contest is Family Promise of Central Connecticut (FPCCT). As the winner of this contest, FPCCT will receive $5,000 to help support its mission in Connecticut. Thank you to all who participated in our contest and congratulations FPCCT!

About Family Promise of Central Connecticut

Family Promise of Central Connecticut is one of 200+ Family Promise affiliate organizations across the USA. FPCCT provides food, shelter, and other case management services to homeless families with minor children. One of the things that set FPCCT apart from other traditional shelters is that the organization believes in keeping the family unit intact whereas other shelters may separate families.

Through its network of nineteen different places of worship, the program, which opened its doors on March 5, 2017, is able to host children and their families.

FPCCT looks at homelessness and poverty holistically, working to help its guests not only search for housing and employment, but also to improve things such as job skills, financial literacy, mental health, and wellness.

The non-profit helps to make the lives of those struggling easier by providing them with a safe place to stay, individualized assistance, and the security of a structured routine. Above all, FPCCT treats guests with the utmost dignity that they deserve.

Carter Mario Law Firm recognizes and congratulates Family Promise of Central Connecticut for all that it does to help better the lives of so many in our community and applauds the non-profit for all that it has achieved and for the work it so graciously continues. We are so proud to call this organization our neighbor. If you would like to donate to FPCCT, you can do so by visiting their website.