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Pandemic Shines Light on Prominence of Occupational Diseases & Need for Prevention

Occupational illnesses are in our minds every day, along with the risks posed by COVID-19 to frontline workers in health care, transportation, retail, and elsewhere. In Connecticut, workers are at risk of contracting other infectious diseases, such as bloodborne exposures, Lyme Disease and skin conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, heart conditions, and job stress.

According to the latest published data in UConn Health’s Labor Day Report, there are approximately 25,000 occupational illnesses in Connecticut annually. UConn Health experts say that while this year’s rise in occupational infectious disease due to COVID-19 is not reflected in this latest data report from 2018, the estimated statistics include:

  • 7,000 occupational infectious diseases
  • 9,000 chronic musculoskeletal conditions
  • 2,000 lung diseases
  • 800 skin conditions
  • 300 hearing loss cases
  • 5,000 “other” conditions such as stress, headaches, heart, and difficult-to-classify conditions.

How To Prevent COVID-19 and Other Occupational Illnesses

Work-related illnesses impact the lives of 25,000 workers in Connecticut each year, in addition to traumatic injuries that are not included in this report, and COVID-19 shows how important it is to prevent them. This system is designed to track occurrences of work-related disease, to understand patterns, and develop strategies to prevent occupational illness.

To reduce the risk of occupational illnesses, UConn Health recommends:

  • Performing ergonomics evaluations to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders
  • Using safer substitutes for cleaning chemicals
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Improving ventilation systems
  • Using N95 respirators or powered air-purifying respirators

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