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Holiday Safety Tips for the Whole Family

The holidays can only be their best when everyone gets to celebrate them safely. From our entire team at Carter Mario Law Firm in Connecticut, we want your family to have the safest and best holiday possible. That’s why we’re sharing a quick list of holiday safety tips that everyone should know.

Five holiday season safety tips to remember are:

  1. Holiday light safety: Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other winter holiday, you probably like decorating your home with strings of holiday lights. As enchanting as those little light bulbs can be, they can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Plugging in too many lights to a single outlet or power strip can create a dangerous bundle of wires, also called an “octopus.” Use various outlets throughout each room to plug in lights to avoid any octopi entering your holiday home. You should also secure any cords on the ground with covers to eliminate trip hazards. Only use outdoor-rated lights and plugs outside. Lastly, before you head to bed, you should unplug any lights that don’t need to stay plugged in.
  1. Candle safety: Candles are a big part of the holidays, especially Hanukkah with menorahs and Kwanzaa with kinaras. But candles are also one of the biggest dangers in the average holiday home because few things are as risky as an open flame. Be mindful of where you place all candles in your home, whether they are central to your celebration or just for decoration. They should never be within reach of children or pets, and never placed on an unstable surface. They should also be kept well away from anything flammable. Before leaving the room or falling asleep, extinguish all candles.
  1. Christmas tree safety: Another big and somewhat surprising hazard in many homes each holiday season is the Christmas tree. If you buy a live Christmas tree, then you need to follow all care instructions that should be provided by the lot that sold it. Typically, the instructions will tell you to not place any lit candles on or near the tree and to not wrap it in lights that can get warm. You should also keep your Christmas tree watered thoroughly for as long as it is in your home. Check the water basin under it at least twice a day. When a tree starts to dry up, it becomes an even worse fire hazard.
  1. Child gift safety: Do you have little ones in your family? Before you pick them out a gift, make double-certain that it is a gift that is safe for them. Many toys designed for children are actually not safe enough for children to play with. In the links below, we share a previous blog we posted about common safety issues with children’s toys. Be sure to give it a read as well. While on the topic of gift safety, invest in a pair of safety scissors when wrapping gifts. With safety scissors, your kids can wrap their gifts for others without the worry of accidentally poking or cutting themselves.
  1. Cold weather safety: In case you live somewhere in the world that gets frigid weather during the holiday season, we couldn’t finish this list without at least mentioning the importance of staying warm and cozy when the temperature drops. Check forecasts before you travel anywhere for the holidays, especially by car. If you have guests spending the night, make sure they have plenty of bedding to stay warm all night. Before you turn on the fireplace for the first time in the season, you should inspect it or hire a professional chimney cleaner. Trying to run a fireplace that is clogged with soot can be dangerous.

Once again, the Carter Mario team wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season! We hope it is the best it can be, and we want you to have an excellent New Year’s celebration, too! If you ever need our help with an injury claim in Connecticut, then you already know you can call us at (203) 806-9256 at any time. We’re always standing by to lend a hand.

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