Mother buckling child into car seat

Child Passenger Safety Week 2021

Carter Mario Law Firm is known throughout Connecticut as a law firm that genuinely cares about its communities. That’s why we are inviting you to join us in observing Child Passenger Safety Week 2021, which starts on September 20th and is hosted by Safe Kids Connecticut. Children need the utmost protection whenever they’re in the car, and it is up to every adult to help ensure they get just that.

Here are some fast child passenger safety facts and tips you should know:

  • Child safety seats reduce the risk of a child’s death in a violent car accident by up to 71% when they are used correctly.

  • 80% of all child car seats in Connecticut are used incorrectly, either due to being the wrong size or due to improper buckling.

  • Connecticut has about 75 fitting stations where you can learn how to properly secure your child in your car seat. Most fitting stations are within fire and police stations, as well as pediatric offices.

  • Child Passenger Safety Technicians who volunteer at fitting stations are first certified at the end of a 32-hour course about car seat installation and use!

Fitting stations are a huge help in our communities when it comes to promoting child passenger safety. Carter Mario is excited to announce that we will soon collaborate with the Community Division of the Waterbury Police Department to do a car seat installation demonstration at one such fitting station.

Connecticut Child Passenger Safety Laws

Remember these laws whenever your child is in the car with you:

  • Infants must be in rear-facing seating until they are 2 years old and 30 pounds or heavier.

  • Toddlers must be in forward-facing seating with a 5-point harness until they are 5 years old and 40 pounds or heavier.

  • Children in booster seats must be strapped in with a shoulder belt and lap belt. Children should also be placed in a booster seat until they are 8 years old and 60 pounds or heavier.

  • Children of any age, including teens, must wear a seatbelt while inside a vehicle.

Safe Kids Connecticut also recommends that children should not be allowed to ride in the front of the car until they are 13 years old. Generally, the front passenger seat is safer for taller people. Also, younger children, regardless of their height or weight, could be a greater driving distraction in the front seat.

For more information about Child Passenger Safety Week and what you can do to help keep children in your community safe, please click here to visit the official Safe Kids Connecticut website. If you’d like to know more about Carter Mario and how we help our local communities, then please contact us at any time to speak with a member of our team.