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All across the country, distracted driving is a frequent occurrence— and it’s growing more common with each passing day. As our daily lives become increasingly complicated, distracted driving contributes to an ever-increasing number of car accidents on our streets and highways.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver, Carter Mario Law Firm can help. We can guide you through your entire personal injury claim, carefully reviewing your case and reconstructing your accident in detail. This allows us to determine if distracted driving played a role in the accident, as well as helps us pursue the full, fair compensation you deserve.

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What Is Considered Distracted Driving?

Any time a driver is not giving his or her full attention to the road ahead, he or she is driving while distracted.

Distracted driving encompasses a wide range of activities, which are generally categorized in the following three ways:

  • Manual Distractions:A manual distraction is anything that causes the driver to remove one or both hands from the steering wheel. Examples include reaching for something that has fallen off the passenger seat, turning to help a child in the backseat, or holding a cell phone.
  • Visual Distractions: Visual distractions are distractions that cause the driver to take his or her eyes off the road. Examples of visual distractions include text messages, GPS devices, and even roadside accidents.
  • Cognitive Distractions: Cognitive distractions are the most difficult to prove in distracted driving cases, as they are not easy to pinpoint. A cognitive distraction is anything that diverts the driver’s attention from the task of driving, such as talking to a passenger, reading a text, or simply daydreaming.

Most forms of distracted driving involve several types of distractions. For example, texting while driving is considered so dangerous because it involves all three types of distractions: at least one of the driver’s hands is off the steering wheel as he or she holds a cell phone and types a text message, the driver’s eyes are off the road as they look down at what they are typing or a text they have received, and the driver’s mind is engaged in the content of the text message.

Some specific examples of distracted driving habits include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Applying makeup while driving
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Using a navigation unit/GPS device
  • Eating while driving
  • Adjusting audio devices/radios

These are just some of the many examples of distracted driving behaviors. In some cases, such as the case of texting while driving, distracted driving is unlawful. In all cases, distracted driving is a form of negligence. If you believe that your accident was caused by a distracted driver, reach out to our firm to learn more about your rights, including your potential right to compensation.

What If You Were Partly to Blame?

Not all car accidents are black and white. In many cases, blame lays with multiple parties. Even if you were hit by a distracted driver, the jury might decide that you were partially at fault for the accident if they find that you were speeding, didn’t fully stop at a stop sign, or were distracted yourself.

Under Connecticut’s modified comparative negligence rule, you can still recover compensation if you were partially at fault for an accident—as long as you were less than 50% to blame. That being said, your recovery will be reduced by the percentage of blame the jury decides you have. So, for example, if the jury decides you were 30% at fault and your total damages amount to $10,000, you can only recover up to 70% of that amount, or $7,000. If the jury decides you were more than 50% at fault, even if it’s only 51%, you cannot recover any compensation whatsoever.

How We Work

Over the past three decades, our team of attorneys has successfully handled thousands of cases. Our team-based approach allows us to pool our strengths and promote open communication. As a result, we have been able to recover over $1 billion in compensation for our clients. Regardless of the complexities of your case, we can help protect your rights.

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We Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in an accident caused by a distracted driver, allow Carter Mario Law Firm to fight for the fair compensation you deserve. Our Connecticut distracted driving accident attorneys are ready to stand by your side and advocate for your recovery from start to finish. We have a proven record of success and a reputation for providing aggressive, effective representation for severely injured accident victims.

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    An SUV driver made an illegal left-hand turn at a T-intersection in a residential neighborhood and crashed into our client while operating his motorcycle in the middle of the intersection.

  • Pedestrian Accident $2,400,000

    Our client was a pedestrian that was struck by a car. This accident caused a severe injury that resulted in leg amputation.

  • Head-On Collision $2,300,000

    Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that crossed into the path of a school bus and struck it head-on, which resulted in our client’s death.

  • Low-Impact Sideswipe $2,050,000

    Our client was sideswiped on the highway and later developed failed back syndrome, leaving him unable to work and suffering from chronic pain.

  • Pedestrian Accident $1,500,000

    Our client was assisting a fellow motorist whose car had broken down on the side of the highway when another driver lost control of his vehicle and struck the disabled car and our client.

  • Scooter Accident $1,484,157

    Our client was operating a scooter when he was struck after the defendant attempted to make a left-hand turn.

  • Motorcycle Crash $1,250,000

    Our client was operating his motorcycle when he was violently struck by an SUV, ejected off of his motorcycle, and flung over the defendant’s vehicle.

  • Bus Collision $1,250,000

    Our client was driving a city bus when the other party ran a red light and collided with the bus.



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