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10 Most Dangerous Intersections in CT

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dangerous-intersections-in-ctWatch Out!!! Top Ten Dangerous Spots in Connecticut! When driving in Connecticut, how often are you approaching one of the state's most dangerous intersections? A high percentage of accidents occur when passing through intersections every day, so be extra careful when pulling up to or passing through a crossroads. Here are the top ten most dangerous intersections in Connecticut and some statistics as conducted by GoLocalProv.

Seymour, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 11

Injuries: 5

Property Damage: 6

Wethersfield, Connecticut

Total Crashes 22

Injuries: 6

Property Damage: 16

Vernon, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 25

Injuries: 7

Property Damage: 18

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 18

Injuries: 11

Property Damage: 7

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 31

Injuries: 12

Property Damage: 9

Waterbury, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 55

Injuries: 14

Property Damage: 41

Wallingford, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 51

Injuries: 22

Property Damage: 29

Hartford, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 129

Injuries: 38

Property Damage: 91

Middletown, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 372

Injuries: 107

Property Damage: 265

New Haven, Connecticut

Total Crashes: 561

Injuries: 125

Property Damage: 436

Remember, it never hurts to be too careful! If you are involved in an accident involving questionable judgment at an intersection, it may be in your best interests to contact a personal injury attorney.

*The methodology used to rank the intersections in this list took
data from Connecticut DOT from a three year span and assessed four factors: number of accidents, fatalities (none of the above listed involved fatalities in the time slot used), injuries, and property damage. Fatalities weighed more than injuries, which weighted more than property damage.