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Carter Bikes 140 Miles For Charity

Blog/ Community/ Carter Bikes 140 Miles For Charity

Many people know that Carter is a former collegiate wrestler. Many people also know he is a big supporter of the Sacred Heart University wrestling program. BUT what many people don’t know is that Carter is also an avid bicyclist. So when he was presented with the opportunity to participate in a ride called
Spinning 2 St. Louis, to raise awareness and funds for the SHU wrestling program he jumped at it!

Spinning 2 St. Louis is a 7-day, 1,116 mile ride through 9 states. The ride ends in St. Louis, the site of the 2017 NCAA Wrestling Championships.

Carter joined SHU Wrestling Head Coach Andy Lausier on the first day of the ride, traveling through 4 states before ending in Pennsylvania after approximately 146 miles.

Coach Lausier will continue on for another six days of riding. Meanwhile, back at the Sacred Heart University campus his wrestlers will be biking with him in spirit! SHU wrestlers will cycle in 1 hour relay segments, for 24 hours around the clock, for 7 straight days, back on the campus of SHU.

Click here if you’d like to find out more about Spinning 2 St. Louis or how to make a donation!