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Are ambulance personnel exempt from lawsuits?

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We recently received an email from a potential client that read…

I was hurt in an ambulance. I thought ambulance personnel could not be sued because they are responding to an emergency. Is that true?

No, that is not true. Ambulance personnel can be found liable if they deviate from the standard of care (make a mistake) that causes injury. There is a Good Samaritan law that generally protects lay people who stop to help at the scene of an auto accident, but professionals who work on ambulances, and ambulance companies can be held liable.

What is a “deviation from the standard of care”?

This is a failure to do what a reasonably prudent EMT or paramedic would do under the circumstances. If this failure causes injury, there may be a case. Some examples include:

The Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys with Carter Mario Injury Lawyers wish anyone injured in an accident a speedy recovery; and ask that motorists do their part to keep one another safe by always watching out for ambulances as they approach.