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Medication Errors

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Medication can be useful with multiple aspects of health and there are many different categories of medications. They can control pain, improve health, reduce problematic symptoms, and create overall comfort when sick or injured. However, if medications are taken or prescribed improperly, the damage can be extensive. When being prescribed medication, it is important to double check information to avoid medication errors.

The most common types of
medication errors include:

  • Improper Dosages
    Medication dosages must be appropriate for the weights, ages, and symptoms of patients. If dosages are too high or too low, patients can develop severe side effects and health problems.
  • Incorrect Prescriptions
    When patients are given the wrong medications, their health problems are left untreated and may get worse. Taking an unnecessary or incorrect medication may also cause patients to develop new health problems.
  • Harmful Drug Interactions
    Many types of medications interact with each other in the body. This may result in medications canceling each other out, amplifying each other, or causing dangerous interactions that increase side effects.

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare providers are responsible for making sure you get the right medication. If they don’t, they could be held liable for any injuries or complications. Make sure when being prescribed medications you double check the information given to you in order to reduce the chance of a mistake. A little extra research could prevent major future complications.

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