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Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common sources of personal injury. These accidents can occur whenever a business owner or property manager fails to maintain safe conditions on their premises. Sometimes, all it takes is a small spill, an unseen object, or a broken step to cause an accident. The subsequent fall can easily result in severe injuries.

What Happens After a Fall?

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, your immediate priority is to seek immediate medical attention. After you have been treated for any injuries you may have suffered, you will likely have questions — including how to pay your medical bills and other related expenses.

Carter Mario Law Firm can help you find answers. We can guide you through a personal injury claim and help you secure full, fair compensation for your losses.

We Know the Process

The attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm have years of experience in personal injury claims — including slip-and-fall accidents. We have the resources to help injured victims return their lives to normal.

We possess the knowledge required to investigate your accident, determine who was responsible, and hold the negligent parties accountable. Our dedication and experience allow us to build the strongest possible case for our clients.

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What Caused Your Fall?

Property owners and managers are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for visitors. If they fail to do so, they may be considered liable — and held legally responsible — for the injuries suffered in an accident.

We may be able to help if your accident was the result of:

  • Obstructed Walkways: Any item in a walking path is a potential trip hazard. Even small objects can pose a risk if placed in a walkway normally free of trip hazards.
  • Unmarked Elevation Changes: Sudden changes in elevation can cause people to lose their footing. This may cause a pedestrian to lose balance and may lead to a fall.
  • Broken Steps or Platforms: Broken, crooked steps or damaged pedestrian platforms are a serious trip hazard — and victims can suffer very severe injuries as a result.
  • Wet, Polished, or Waxed Floors: Tile, vinyl, or laminate floors become slick when they get wet from leaks or spills, as well as a new application of polish or wax.
  • Poor, Broken, or Missing Lighting: Poorly lit stairs or walkways can be trip hazards, as many normally avoidable obstacles become dangerous due to low visibility.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability refers to legal action that can be brought if a slip-and-fall occurs — whether on private or public property. Before any action can move forward, a relationship must first be determined.

Any legal action will depend on whether the accident victim is:

  • An Invitee who is invited to enter the premises to conduct business, such as a retail shopper.
  • A Licensee who enters for non-commercial reasons, such as a house guest or a party attendee.

About Responsibility

Business owners, property managers, and homeowners have a responsibility to keep properties safe and free of hazards. If you enter a premises and slip, trip, or fall through no fault of your own, an owner or manager can be held legally responsible for your injuries due to negligence.

Establishing Responsibility

Proving responsibility in slip-and-fall accident cases can be difficult. Often, a property owner will plead ignorance regarding any unsafe conditions that led to your fall and your subsequent injury.

If you do not act quickly after the accident, any relevant evidence may be removed from the premises, which can make building a case and establishing responsibility far more difficult. Carter Mario Law Firm can help hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a slip-and-fall, trust Carter Mario Law Firm to help. Contact our team today at (203) 806-9256 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

Slip and Fall FAQ

If you have suffered a slip-and-fall injury due to the negligence or carelessness of others, we are sure you have questions. The attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm can help you find answers.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Slips and Falls?

Slip-and-fall hazards in homes, businesses, or outdoor locations can include:

  • Obstructed Walkways
  • Unmarked Elevation Changes
  • Broken Steps or Platforms
  • Wet, Polished, or Waxed Floors
  • Poor, Broken, or Missing Lighting
  • Cracked Pavement or Flooring
  • Loose Carpeting or Unsecured Rugs
  • Ice or Snow Buildup on Paths

Who is Most at Risk for Slip and Fall Injuries?

Children and the elderly are the most at-risk for falling and suffering injuries. More than a third of people aged 65 or older — and more than 8,000 children — will suffer injuries in a fall each year.

How Can I Pay My Medical Bills After a Slip and Fall?

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you must prove negligence. Landlords, business owners, managers, and homeowners can be held responsible for injuries due to negligence.

Can I Receive Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries?

Yes. Financial compensation typically depends on the severity of injuries, how/where the accident occurred, circumstances of the injury, how injuries have affected you, and pain and suffering.

How Long Do I Have to File After a Slip and Fall Injury?

Personal injury cases have a limited time to take legal action. For slip and fall injuries, build a strong case by gathering evidence before property owners can remove evidence or make repairs.

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  • Slip & Fall $2,250,000

    Our client was installing cable television equipment at a condominium complex when he slipped on a half-inch of ice in the entryway, causing him to fall on his back and hit his head.

  • Fall on Ice $1,900,000

    Our diabetic client fell on the ice and broke their ankle. Rubbing from the ankle cast caused a non-healing wound which led to leg amputation.

  • Slip & Fall $1,030,000

    Our client was escorting a guest out of her apartment when she fell down a flight of stairs and struck the wall at the bottom of the stairwell, paralyzing her from the neck down.

  • Workplace Fall $1,000,000

    Our client, a salesman, required multiple back surgeries after tripping and falling at work.

  • Workplace Injury $600,000

    Our client was seriously injured when the building he was working in suddenly collapsed.

  • Fall at a Funeral Home $212,000

    Our client fell down the stairs at a funeral home and fractured her left wrist.



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