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New Britain Personal Injury Lawyers

30+ Years of Fighting for Injured Victims in New Britain

Human negligence can result in innocent victims suffering painful and life-altering injuries. Our attorneys are dedicated to fighting to protect the rights of injured victims and their families. The New Britain personal injury attorneys at Carter Mario have been successfully battling insurance companies for over 30 years.

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We have 6 offices and 20+ attorneys in Connecticut ready to assist you with your case.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Can Help You With 

Carter Mario Law Firm employs a New Britain lawyer. With over 30 years of experience, our litigators practice multiple areas of personal injury law. We represent victims who have suffered injuries in New Britain due to: 

We Fight to Recover the Maximum Compensation for Our Clients

Carter Mario’s reputation as one of Connecticut’s leading personal injury law firms is well-earned. Our lawyers in New Britain have earned countless awards, such as “Top 100” from the National Trial Lawyers, “Million Dollar Advocates,” and multiple “Rising Star” awards from Super Lawyers. Our injury attorneys earned these awards by fighting to recover maximum compensation for our clients, as seen by the fact that we have obtained over one billion dollars for our clients.

How a New Britain Personal Injury Attorney Helps You

At Carter Mario, our attorneys in New Britain focuses on building strong cases on behalf of our clients. Specifically, we investigate the facts of your accident and work towards identifying and obtaining evidence which proves the other person’s negligence. While we then attempt to negotiate a settlement on your behalf, our litigators are not afraid to face insurance companies and their attorneys in court. 

How to File a New Britain Personal Injury Claim

Navigating an insurance claim after an accident or injury can be a confusing challenge, especially if you are juggling medical treatments, counseling sessions, and other tasks related to your injury. At Carter Mario, we simplify the legal process and take on the bulk of the work so you can focus on healing while we recover your compensation. Specifically, we make a claim to the insurance company on your behalf, and then send a demand package containing your medical records along with our theory explaining why you are entitled to financial compensation.

Who Can File a Claim in New Britain

As the injured victim, you are legally entitled to file a claim for injuries. If you had a close family member pass away due to another person’s negligence, you may be eligible for financial compensation via a wrongful death claim. If your spouse suffered non-fatal permanent injuries in an accident and can no longer contribute to your marriage, you can file a claim based on loss of consortium.

Damages You May Receive in a Personal Injury Case

The term “damages” is another way of describing your losses. Connecticut State law allows you to claim economic damages for:

  • The past and future cost of your medical treatment
  • Your past and future lost wages
  • Your reduced earning potential if you are unable to return to work at a full-duty capacity
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • The cost of prescription medications and drugs
  • The past and future cost of rehabilitative and occupational therapy

You can also claim non-economic damages for the physical pain and mental suffering you experienced due to the accident and your injuries.

Common Questions About Personal Injury Claims in New Britain

Popular culture has created many misconceptions regarding the personal injury claims process. Insurance companies often complicate the process even further to discourage injured victims. At Carter Mario, our New Britain personal injury attorneys offer free and confidential consultations.

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Claims in New Britain?

Yes, there is a statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Connecticut. Specifically, Connecticut State law imposes a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. This means your claim is barred if you fail to file a lawsuit within two years.

What is the Typical Cost of a New Britain Personal Injury Lawyer?

At Carter Mario, our New Britain lawyers are retained on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no legal fees unless we win your case in court or negotiate a favorable settlement which you approve. Additionally, under our Zero Fee Warranty, our fee will not exceed the amount you recover.

Contact Carter Mario Law Firm to Talk with a New Britain Personal Injury Attorney

Strong legal representation is necessary when navigating the personal injury claims process. Insurance companies often complicate this process and spend vast sums of money defending personal injury lawsuits. To learn how you can use our experience to your benefit, contact us today to talk with one of our personal injury lawyers in New Britain!

In addition to residents from New Britain, we also serve the communities of Bristol, Wethersfield, West Hartford, East Hartford, and Danbury.

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New Britain Police and Law Enforcement

Depending on the location, traffic accidents in New Britain may be handled
by the New Britain Police Department or the Connecticut State Police.

State Police

TROOP H – Hartford

100R Washington Street

Hartford, CT 06106

(800) 968-0664

New Britain Police

10 Chestnut St.

New Britain, CT 06051

(860) 826-3000

New Britain Hospitals and Medical Centers

If you have been injured in a vehicle or at the workplace, you may need immediate and ongoing medical treatment.
Hospitals and other major medical centers located in New Britain, CT, and the surrounding area include:

The Hospital of Central Connecticut- New Britain General Campus

100 Grand St.

New Britain, CT 06052

(860) 224-5011

Hospital for Special Care

2150 Corbin Ave.

New Britain, CT 06053

(860) 223-2761

New Britain Court Houses

The New Britain Judicial District serves the towns of Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, New Britain,
Newington, Plainville, Plymouth, Rocky Hill, Southington, and Wethersfield.

New Britain Judicial District

20 Franklin Square

New Britain, CT 06051

(860) 515-5180

New Britain

Why choose Carter Mario?

We want justice and what’s best for you and your case. Here’s our promise:

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    A Team That Puts You First!

    Our clients are our #1 priority and everything we do is focused on getting you the best result! You are the reason we became lawyers. To the insurance company, you are no more than a claim number but to us, it’s personal. We’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We communicate often and call you back the same day or lunch is on us. We believe an informed client is a happy client. You are the reason we fight!

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    Over $1 Billion Recovered!

    For over 30 years, we’ve fought fiercely and tirelessly against Big Insurance and won countless victories for our clients. You were already hurt physically when you came to us, but we make sure you aren’t hurt financially when you leave. Our goal is to give you a better tomorrow.

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    Experience On Your Side!

    No obstacle is too big. Our seasoned attorneys were handpicked and know how to hold the insurance companies accountable. We have experience in and out of the courtroom. Our attention to detail and in-depth investigation helps identify key evidence we use to prepare your case. Our attorneys have the knowledge, the dedication, and the passion it takes to win. They love what they do.

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    We Have a Large War Chest!

    When we go to trial, we are battle ready, but taking a case to trial takes more than confidence, experience, and commitment. It takes cutting edge technology and a War Chest to support the costs of zealous representation. Many firms aren’t willing or don’t have the resources and financial stability to front your costs and maximize your case. We’ll spend whatever it takes to get you every penny you deserve!

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    Making the Law Make Sense!

    At Carter Mario Law Firm, our mission is to make the law make sense. You’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault. Life is suddenly overwhelming and confusing, and you don’t know where to turn. You need help, but it matters who you get. Let us come to your rescue. We’ll do the work, so you don’t have to. You can focus on you!

You Pay Us Nothing Unless
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    1000+ Reviews – 5 Stars

    Client Victories

    We’ve Recovered Over $1 Billion for Clients
    Just Like You

    New Britain


    Rear-End Collision

    Our client sustained a significant injury to his cervical spine after a rear-end crash. After receiving a low initial offer from the insurance company, we fought hard for our client to get him the settlement he deserved.


    Medical Misdiagnosis

    Our client’s doctor misread an x-ray causing a delayed diagnosis of sarcoma, which resulted in our client’s death.


    Failure to Treat

    Gastroenterologist and primary care doctor failed to treat or transfer our client who was hospitalized for GI bleeding, which resulted in our client’s death.


    Failure to Diagnose

    Our client’s doctors failed to diagnose him with abdominal cancer, resulting in his death.


    Medical Malpractice

    Our client suffered brain damage, paralysis, and speech deficits after undergoing a bedside procedure.


    Brain Damage

    Our client suffered brain damage after their breathing tube was misplaced.


    Failure to Diagnose

    Our client’s doctor failed to diagnose Fournier’s Gangrene, resulting in necrotizing fasciitis, sterility, abnormal gait, and muscle loss.


    Personal Injury Resulting in Death

    Our client, an innocent bystander to a bar room brawl, required surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon. After the surgery, our client developed a pulmonary embolism, resulting in his death.


    Gas Poisoning

    Our client suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning with cognitive loss after an on-site contractor ran gas engines during business hours.

    Client Testimonials

    1000+ Reviews – 5 Stars

    Such a great experience

    "I had such a great experience with Carter Mario Law Firm. Everyone was amazing, helpful and comforting during this stressful time."

    – Michelle P.

    It felt really good to have someone

    "My son suffered an injury after being hurt in a car accident, and it felt really good to have someone fighting for the person you love."

    – Alex M.

    Tough and fearless

    "Look no further, you have found the best personal injury law firm in Connecticut. Tough and fearless, and I cannot think of anyone better to represent me."

    – Phillip Y.

    Attention to detail

    "Look no further, you have found the best personal injury law firm in Connecticut. Tough and fearless, and I cannot think of anyone better to represent me."

    – John L.

    Took so much stress off of me

    "When I had my work-related injury, Carter Mario took on the workers’ comp insurance company that tried to belittle me and dealt with them, which took so much stress off of me. Thank you so much."

    – Ruth H.