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In Connecticut, workers’ compensation provides benefits and covers the cost of medical expenses for employees who have been injured or become ill due to circumstances arising out of the course of their employment. Most employees — including both part-time and full-time workers — are covered.

Workers’ compensation is provided by your employer’s insurance coverage. This often means an employee may not sue their employer for injuries or illnesses sustained on the job.

History of Workers’ Compensation in Connecticut

In 1913, the legislature enacted the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act. The creation of the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission — the organization which handles claims, creates regulations, and administers statutes which fall under the act — followed shortly thereafter.

The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission maintains its headquarters in Hartford. The Commission also has 8 district offices throughout the state.

They include:

  • Bridgeport
  • Hartford
  • Middletown
  • New Britain
  • New Haven
  • Norwich
  • Stamford
  • Waterbury

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Workers’ Comp vs. Personal Injury Claims

Depending on the circumstances of your work-related injury, you may find yourself faced with a choice: Do you file a workers’ compensation claim, or do you file a personal injury claim? It is important you understand the differences before you begin the process.

What are the Differences?

The primary difference between a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim lies in the fact that a personal injury claim is based on fault. In contrast, a workers’ compensation claim does not rely on fault.

Personal Injury Claims

If you were injured due to a negligent third party, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. If, for example, you were struck by a truck driver who had improperly loaded cargo, you could sue the driver or owner of the truck. If you slipped and fell in a hallway of a restaurant with no caution signs, you could sue the owner or manager. In either case, you must prove the other party’s negligence led to your injury.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you caused your own workplace injury or your injury was the result of an accident that did not result from negligence, your only option may be to file a workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ compensation claim does not require a claimant prove liability. Regardless of who or what caused your injuries, you can receive benefits as long as the injury took place while you were at work.

How to Decide

Certain situations may arise where you will have the option to choose between a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim. If you were injured at work due to the negligence of another, you can consider filing either type of claim. While a personal injury claim is more challenging to prove, you stand to receive greater compensation. Personal injury claims allow damages for pain and suffering. A workers’ compensation claim — while easier to prove — does not.

Workers’ Comp FAQ

What is Workers’ Compensation?

In Connecticut, workers’ compensation provides benefits and covers the cost of medical expenses for employees who have gotten injured or become ill due to circumstances arising out of the course of their employment. Most employees — including both part-time and full-time workers — are covered.

How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Pay?

Workers’ compensation benefits are based on your average weekly wages after taxes and Social Security up to 52 weeks prior to the injury or illness. Your workers’ compensation benefits will vary depending on the type of benefits for which you qualify.

What is the Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations?

In Connecticut, the statute of limitations — the time limit in which to file a claim — for workers’ compensation benefits is explained in detail on the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission website.

What is a Workers’ Compensation Appeal?

If you have a disputed workers’ compensation case, you may file an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Commission Review Board(CRB). The CRB is a panel made up of 2 Workers’ Compensation Commissioners and the Workers’ Compensation Chairman. The CRB may affirm the decision made, reverse the decision, or send your case to the Appellate Court for review.

What Benefits Does Workers’ Compensation Provide?

Depending on the nature and severity of your illnesses or injuries, you may qualify for a variety of workers’ compensation benefits.

These include:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Temporary Partial Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Relapse or Recurrence
  • Discretionary Benefits
  • Job Retraining

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We've Recovered Hundreds of Millions for Clients Throughout Connecticut
  • Failure to Treat $3,900,000

    Gastroenterologist and primary care doctor failed to treat or transfer our 65-year-old client who was hospitalized for GI bleeding, which resulted in our client’s death.

  • Illegal Left-Hand Turn $2,400,000

    A 17-year-old driving an SUV made an illegal left-hand turn at a T-intersection in a residential neighborhood. The driver hit our 36-year-old client and suffered severe head and brain trauma; multiple fractures to his face and skull; multiple rib fractures; cervical vertebrae fracture; left femur, left hand, and left foot fractures; a punctured lung.

  • Pedestrian Accident $2,400,000

    Our client was a pedestrian that was struck by a car. This accident caused a severe injury that resulted in leg amputation.

  • Head-On Collision Results in Passenger’s Death $2,300,000

    A 23-year-old male was a passenger in a vehicle that crossed into the path of a school bus and struck it head-on, which resulted in his death.

  • Cable Man Slipped on a Half Inch of Ice in the Entryway $2,250,000

    A 34-year-old man was installing cable television equipment at a condominium complex when he slipped on a half-inch of ice in the entryway, causing him to fall on his back and hit his head. As a result, the man underwent three invasive procedures due to lumbar spine injuries. Despite the procedures, he was determined to be 40 percent disabled, limiting his future ability to work in a full-time, labor-intensive position.

  • Low-Impact Sideswipe $2,050,000

    A 34-year-old driver was sideswiped on the highway and later developed failed back syndrome, leaving him unable to work and suffering from chronic pain.

  • Fall on Ice $1,900,000

    Our diabetic client fell on the ice and broke their ankle. Rubbing from the ankle cast caused a non-healing wound which led to leg amputation.

  • Death Due to Failure to Diagnose $1,650,000

    Death due to failure to diagnose skin cancer.

  • Scooter Accident $1,250,000

    A scooter operator was hit after the defendant attempted to make a left-hand turn. The client suffered severe injuries, including a fractured hip and a concussion.



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