Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers Giving Back to the Community

CarterCares is our statewide community outreach initiative. Through this initiative, Carter Mario Law Firm is able to reach out and make a difference in the lives of individuals in the communities in which we serve throughout Connecticut. We continue to give back to our neighbors through initiatives such as our CarterCares Scholarship Program and distracted driving campaigns. We truly care about the individuals we serve in our community.

We also participate in various area fundraising events to support organizations that include:

At Carter Mario Law Firm, we are committed to supporting higher education opportunities through our CarterCares initiative.

Our Scholarship Winners

Click here to view our scholarship winners over the years.

How We Fund the Carter Mario Law Firm’s Scholarship

As a solid and continuous commitment to our community, Carter Mario Law Firm donates $20 of our attorney’s fee from each case on behalf of our clients to the CarterCares Scholarship Program Fund. This donation and the CarterCares Scholarship Program are just a few ways in which our law firm continues to do our part to educate the community.

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