Several Injured Due to Illegal Connecticut Street Racing

Illegal street racing is dangerous not only for the drivers but also for the hundreds of people that often gather around these events as spectators.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that 135 fatalities were reported due to street racing in 2004. In the years since the number of deaths has only risen. This has resulted in estimates of 49 people being injured for every 1,000 that participate in illegal street racing.

The activity takes place all over the United States, including in Connecticut. As recently as this past Thursday night, West Hartford Police reported several injuries caused by a Connecticut Auto Accident that was the result of an illegal race. News 8 stated that the crash occurred along the westbound lanes of I-84.

It was there that a 29-year-old was racing another vehicle down the highway when the car accidentally sideswiped a third vehicle. The third vehicle then crossed the center median of the highway and struck two other cars.

The accident was reported just hours after police in New Haven broke up a group of about 100 racers in the area of Canal Dock Road on Long Wharf Drive and arrested several involved in races there.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers ask that those motorists who wish to race their vehicles not risk the lives of others around them and avoid participating in any illegal street race.