Connecticut Town Equips Buses With Cameras to Protect Children

In an effort to protect school children from the dangers of Connecticut Auto Accidents, the town of Wolcott, Connecticut, has equipped school vehicles with cameras aimed at catching drivers who are attempting to pass stopped buses. According to NBC-Connecticut, technology is called Smart Bus Live.

The technology has been installed on roughly one-third of the town’s school buses as part of a pilot program utilizing the cameras. Several other towns are also participating in the program.

The cameras are mounted to the driver’s side of the buses and kick on when the bus comes to a stop and the cross arm comes out. If a vehicle attempts to pass the stopped bus, the camera records video that can be converted into still images that capture the vehicle’s information. School officials can then pass the information along to local law enforcement, who will then issue a citation to the driver.

A driver who is caught passing a stopped bus can face a $450 dollar fine and several points on their license. As part of the program, money collected by fines will go to the town, but the rest will go to Smart Bus.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm are encouraged by the new program and can only hope that it is effective in preventing the injury or Connecticut wrongful death of a young child at the hands of a careless driver.