How Long Will It Take to Get My Auto Accident Case Settled?

Connecticut Auto Accidents are the cases we see most often here at Carter Mario Law Firm. One of the most common questions we’re asked related to auto accidents is…

How long will it take to get my auto accident case settled?

The real answer is, it depends. You have to be released from treatment because there is no benefit to you to settle your case until your doctor says that you have fully recovered.

We settle many soft tissue cases in less than 12 months after the accident, and about 97% of these cases are settled before going to trial.

The Connecticut personal injury lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm understand just how difficult getting back on your feet following a car accident that leaves you injured can be. That is why the firm would suggest that a person who has been hurt at no fault of their own explore their legal options by discussing their case with a qualified attorney immediately.