Why Is It Important for an Injured Worker to File a 30c Form?

If you’ve been hurt on the job or are diagnosed as having a work-related disease, you should file a claim for workers’ compensation as soon as possible. Connecticut’s Form 30C is the official form that the Workers’ Compensation Commission uses for this purpose. The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm can help you understand the workers' compensation system, and make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

It is the responsibility of the injured person to complete Form 30C and send copies by registered or certified mail to both their employer and the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Why is this so important?

  • It is the best way to ensure that you have met the statute of limitations for filing a workers’ compensation claim. In Connecticut, the statute of limitation for filing a workers’ compensation claim is within one year of the date of an injury, or within three years of the first manifestation of a symptom of an occupational disease.
  • A simple “accident report” filed by your employer is not an official claim for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Your claim will be more likely to receive prompt attention from your employer or insurance carrier.
  • Once your employer receives an official claim, they only have 28 calendar days in which to either deny your claim or begin making payments without prejudice. If an official denial is not issued within 28 calendar days, or if the benefit payments don’t start within 28 calendar days, your employer must accept the compensability of your claim.

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