3 Scenic Motorcycle Rides in Connecticut

Connecticut has some of the most picturesque landscapes you’ll find anywhere in the country. Riders from all over New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania visit our state to tour some of the state's most scenic roads.

Several lawyers at Carter Mario are riders themselves and we’ve put together this list of three fun trips to try in our state.

The Litchfield Trail (Northwestern CT)

Start your route in Litchfield CT. From Litchfield, head west on US 202, which will take you through Bantam and New Preston. Once you’re in New Preston, turn right (north) onto Route 45. After about 4 miles, route 45 will merge with route 341 and take you into the town of Warren. Once you’re in Warren, split off of route 45 and continue on route 341 west for about 6 miles, until you’re in the town of Kent. When you get to Kent, you’ll run into US 7. Take a right (go north) on 7. Stay on 7 for about 24 miles as it winds along the Housatonic River all the way up through Falls Village and to the town of Canaan. From there, turn onto US 44 east (right) for the last five miles of the route. This ride finishes in Norfolk.

The Northern Connecticut Border Run (east to west)

Start at the intersection of Rt 169 and 197 in North Woodstock CT. Head west on 197. About 25 miles into the ride, route 197 turns into 190. There are not many towns on this route, so when you get to Stafford Springs, look to fill your tank. Continue West on 190 until you cross the Connecticut River, and the Route ends at Rt 159, near Enfield, CT. If you’d like to continue this ride back towards where you started, you can backtrack on 190 to Route 32, just outside Stafford Springs. Take 32 North into Massachusetts, and then head east on Massachusetts 20 through Brimfield and Sturbridge, and then South on Route 169 to the route’s beginning.

The Middletown Loop

Start out at the intersection of Routes 80 and 77 in North Branford. Follow Route 77 north through Durham, and take a left onto Route 147. Route 147 will merge with Route 157. Follow Route 157 to Middletown, where you’ll take a right onto Route 66. Follow 66 over the Arrigoni Bridge into Portland. Continue on 66 east until you reach the town of Marlborough. Take a right onto Route 2 east, and continue into Colchester. Once you’re in Colchester, turn off of Route 2 onto Route 11 south. Continue on Route 11 to the end, and take a right onto Route 82. Cruise down Route 82 into Lyme, and take a left onto Route 156. Take 156 south through Lyme until you get to Interstate 95. Briefly take Interstate 95 over the Connecticut River, and exit onto Route 9 north. Take Route 9 north through Essex, and take a left onto Route 80 west. Take Route 80 west back to the start of the route in North Branford.

Want to share a great motorcycle trip in Connecticut? Let us know! We’d love to hear where you like to ride. If you ever have a legal question about a motorcycle accident, you can speak to the Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Carter Mario anytime.