E-Bike Laws in Connecticut

A number of E Bikes Parked

Electronic motors might just be the wave of the future for vehicles—including bicycles. Electric bikes are becoming more common on the streets of Connecticut due to their convenience, but many people are unsure of their legality or the requirements to ride them on public roads.

If you ride an electric bicycle, here are a few things you should know:

  • Electric bikes must meet state criteria—Connecticut defines electric bicycles as “motor-driven cycles” with motors of no more than 750W in power, seat heights no less than 26”, and top speeds no greater than 20 miles per hour.
  • Riders must possess valid driver’s licenses—Because electric bicycles are motor-driven vehicles, riders must have valid driver’s licenses when they ride them. However, e-bikes don’t require registration.
  • Electric bikes are allowed only on certain roadways—If you ride an e-bike, you must stay off of sidewalks, limited access highways, and turnpikes in Connecticut. If you ride your e-bike on a roadway with a speed limit that’s greater than 20 mph, you must stay in the right-hand lane or on a usable shoulder.

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