Even the safest drivers can be involved in serious accidents—including people near and dear to you. And sometimes, those accidents are their fault.

If you were hurt in a crash while riding as a passenger in a vehicle belonging to or driven by a friend or family member, you may be hesitant to pursue compensation. But you also may be facing expensive medical bills and an uncertain future in your career due to injuries or even permanent disabilities.

At Carter Mario Law Firm, we know that situations like these can be difficult. You need money to pay for your accident-related expenses, but you don’t want to burden the others who were involved—especially if you have a close relationship.

In situations like these, it’s important to remember that the money paid in auto accident injury claims rarely come out of at-fault drivers’ pockets if they carry even the minimum required auto insurance in Connecticut.

Injury Claims Aren’t Personal—They’re about Protecting You and Your Health

When you call our legal team and explain what you’re going through, you can count on us to look at all available options to help you get compensation without straining your relationship with the driver.

Remember—the purpose of insurance is to protect people from financial harm caused by unexpected events. And in the case of auto insurance, a policyholder’s coverage is designed to include accidents that cause injury to friends and family members.

Our lawyers know Connecticut’s car accident laws, and we want to advise you on how to pursue compensation in a way that’s in the best interest for all parties involved. If you need help after an auto accident in Connecticut, call  (203) 876-2711 or contact us online anytime, day or night.