Workers’ compensation is designed to support workers after an injury and bridge the financial gap between healing and getting back to work. Unfortunately, filing a workers’ comp claim can be very confusing for victims, especially those who aren’t working a full-time position.

Employees Who Are Eligible for Workers Comp in CT

Countless injured people choose not to file a claim because they assume they must be a full-time employee to take advantage of its benefits. In Connecticut, the workers’ compensation system covers nearly all employees despite their occupation, business size, employment duration, or the number of hours worked per day. However, those working in or around a private home for less than twenty-six hours per week are not eligible. Connecticut’s no-fault system of insurance means private insurers or self-insured employers pay benefits to an injured employee, even if the employee caused the accident or was born with a medical condition that predisposed them to the injury or increased its severity.

What Benefits Can I Receive?

People who are injured at work in Connecticut are eligible for a range of workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits will vary depending on the nature of the injuries, the injured person’s ability to work, and other factors.

Medical Benefits

All necessary and reasonable medical treatment related to a work injury is covered through workers’ comp. This includes the cost of medical bills, prescriptions, and prosthetic devices. Injured workers may also be reimbursed for the mileage they incur in traveling to and from medical appointments.

Temporary Disability

Injured workers may receive temporary disability benefits if they can’t work or earn as much as they used to while recovering from a workplace injury or illness. Temporary disability benefits continue until either the victim can return to work at full wages or a doctor has determined that they’ve reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). This means their condition has stabilized and they aren’t likely to improve even with additional medical treatment.

Permanent Total Disability

Suppose an injury or illness has left a worker completely unable to do any work, even after they’ve reached MMI. In that case, they may continue to receive benefits at the same level as their temporary disability benefits. These benefits will last as long as they’re totally disabled, even if it’s for life, and will include annual cost-of-living adjustments. In Connecticut, workers’ comp law will consider anyone permanently and totally disabled if they have injuries such as total blindness, amputation, or paralysis in two extremities.

Injured on the Job? Here’s What To Do. 

If you or a loved one are injured at work, it’s essential to follow the procedures below to protect your rights.

  1. Report The Injury Immediately: It’s critical to contact a supervisor or employer right away after an accident or as soon an occupational injury is discovered. Delaying in reporting workplace injuries can lead to benefits being denied.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Getting medical care is essential not only for health and recovery but also for ensuring that the victim is appropriately compensated for any injuries. If a worker requires medical care, they must initially accept treatment by the healthcare provider designated by their employer. If the employer doesn’t require employees to see a particular provider, they can choose their own.
  3. Promptly file a Written Notice of Claim: In Connecticut, victims must file Form 30C, which gives notice to the Workers’ Compensation Commission that they are claiming benefits. Although victims notify their employer that they were injured, the employer must file Form 30C as well.
  4. Get Legal Help: Any time there’s a dispute with an insurance company, always consider hiring a lawyer. Lawyers understand the state laws, know how to negotiate, and can use various tools to build a case.

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