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Carter Mario Law Firm is currently hearing from people who have served, lived, or worked on United States Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina between 1953 and 1987 and now suffer from a serious chronic illness or cancer. We are investigating the potential connection between Camp Lejeune’s drinking water during those years and the higher risk of severe illnesses. Furthermore, the Camp Lejeune Justice Act could soon pass to allow those affected to seek financial compensation and justice. There is no better time than today to find out if you could have a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit, too.

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Camp Lejeune’s History of Water Contamination

The Tarawa Terrace and Hadnot Point water treatment plants of Camp Lejeune were first used in the early 1950s. The water from these two water treatment plants was pumped to various residential locations, barracks, administrative offices, schools, hospitals, and parks throughout Camp Lejeune. Across the years that these plants were in operation, potentially millions of different people could have consumed and bathed in water from these sources, including military service members, their families, and independent contractors.

In 1982, a study conducted by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry determined that both of these water treatment plants were contaminated by unsafe levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Certain areas of the camp were exposed to unsafe VOC levels that exceeded 400 times what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considered to be the “maximum safe amount.”

VOCs found in the drinking water at Camp Lejeune included:

  • Trichloroethylene (TCE)
  • Perchloroethylene (PCE)
  • Benzene
  • Vinyl chloride (VC)

Illnesses Caused by VOC Exposure

Ingesting volatile organic compounds or having direct contact with them can cause a variety of different illnesses, diseases, and health conditions. The more someone is exposed to VOCs, the greater the risk of illness becomes.

Some of the worst illnesses related to exposure to the VOCs found at Camp Lejeune include:

  • Bladder, breast, cervical, kidney, lung, stomach, and esophageal cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Aplastic anemia and bone marrow loss
  • Higher risk of miscarriage or birth injury
  • Neurological damage that causes various mental health disorders

Given that some people at Camp Lejeune could have been exposed to significant VOC levels for decades, the risk of severe illness in those situations could be dramatic. It is believed that thousands of people could be currently suffering adverse side effects from Camp Lejeune water contamination. Hundreds more might have already passed away from the toxic exposure.

What is the Camp Lejeune Justice Act?

The men and women who served, lived, and worked at Camp Lejeune deserve fair compensation for their losses. Yet legal action against the liable parties has been hampered significantly. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2021 is poised to finally make things right and give people a chance to file a claim.

If the Camp Lejeune Justice Act becomes effective soon, as it is expected, then it will allow affected plaintiffs to take legal action, like a personal injury mass tort. It will be consolidated in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of North Carolina. When the act passes, there will be a slim two-year statute of limitations to file a claim.

Camp Lejeune water contamination claimants will be able to seek damages related to:

  • Past and future medical treatment costs
  • Lost wages and reduced income capacity
  • Permanent disability and disability benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Miscellaneous compensatory damages

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At Carter Mario Law Firm, our Camp Lejeune water contamination lawyers would be honored to serve the men and women who have bravely served our country. If you served, lived, or worked at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987, and were diagnosed with a serious illness, then we want to hear from you. The same is true if you lost a loved one to possible complications from the water contamination. You could have a valid claim to file if the Camp Lejeune Justice Act is officially enacted, so it is helpful to get a start now by understanding your options.

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