Breast Cancer Research Uncovers New Findings in Connecticut

New statistics on breast cancer rates in each state show that Connecticut ranks second in the nation for the disease. According to NBC-Connecticut, a report being released later today will list cities and towns with high mortality and late-stage rates across the state.

The findings were released in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in the 2011 Community Profile of Breast Cancer in Connecticut. Despite a high number of incidence in the state, researchers found that Connecticut ranks 35 in the nation for Breast Cancer mortality rates. 84.1 percent of female residents have had a mammogram in the last two years, compared to an average of 74 percent throughout the rest of the nation.

Researchers also found that African-American women living in urban areas and Hispanic women in manufacturing areas are the least likely to catch the disease early through mammograms.

Other researchers in the field have discovered that the drug Tamoxifen increases survival rates in patients. Doctors say that use of the drug over a ten-year period can increase survival rates by 2 percent. Dr. Robyn Young, one of the researchers, says, “If you are talking about a million women worldwide, saving the lives of two percent of those women is huge.”

The Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm would like to urge women to have regular mammograms and do self-exams in order to protect themselves from life-threatening Breast Cancer.