Connecticut State Representative Proposes Bill Requiring CPR Training for License

In an effort to reduce the number of deaths from cardiopulmonary failure in Connecticut Car Accidents, Connecticut State Representative Diana Urban has proposed legislation that would require a driver to receive training in CPR before his or her license to operate a motor vehicle would be issued or renewed in the state.

NBC-Connecticut says the law leaves many questions from the public unanswered. For instance, will the state or the individual driver be responsible for covering the cost of training for a civilian certification in CPR? Another question is the type of-and how much-responsibility will be placed on drivers when presented with a victim whose heart has stopped.

Many citizens believe the knowledge and training would put innocent bystanders in a position of being required to attempt to save a person’s life. Actions like this can often, and do, result in liability lawsuits being filed against an individual who performed CPR for either not doing enough to save a person’s life or making a mistake during their attempts to do so.

The piece of legislation, also known as HB 6054, will be discussed today the Joint Committee on Transportation.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm believe the law raises many valid questions and are anxious to hear the conclusions the committee draws about the bill.